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Step by Step

Our project frame work allows each project to be managed uniquely, but gives us the structure to push our creativity and ability to engage with our audience. Below, you'll find some key aspects of our step-by-step process. Each phase is vital to the success of the next, and giving each portion its due diligence gives us the best end result possible.

The Untapped Foundation

Small, Dedicated Teams

We keep our team small and consistent for every project, making sure we're always committed and uniquly engaged with our client's business.


We never settle for the first idea, and our process allows us to explore a lot of them before landing on a final direction. We never use templates or pre-built solutions.

Quality Focused

We wouldn't last if we didn't pride ourselves on our quality of craftsmanship. From pixel perfect web designs to high quality and vivid prints, our experience gives us the know-how to give you the best results.

Step 1

The Breakdown

This phase is shared by a lot of design teams. Typically called ‘research and strategy’ or ‘discovery’. We ask a lot of questions, get into some research, and build an approved plan with the client. This is all about getting into the root of what we're doing and what we're communicating. While there's usually a clear sales boost or performance measurement we're striving for, it takes a little more time to decipher how we communicate the story effecitvely to your audience.

Step 2


This is where the magic happens. Iteration after iteration, we consider as many concepts as we can within our timeline. This stage isn't about quality, but quantity, making sure we don't settle on an idea that everyone isn't 100% behind. Some are good, some are a bad and a few will be great. Those few stand-outs get brought into the next phase.

Step 3


Here's where quality starts to take shape. We take the idea that stood out among all the rest and we start molding it into a final design. While a solid direction was chosen, there's still a near endless amount of tweaks and experiments that can be performed to find just the right balance of all the elements. This can lead to nearly just as many iterations and ideas as step 2. Our clients help tremendously in this section of the process and their feedback helps guides the early concept into a solid finished product.

Step 4


The final design is implemented. For a lot of studios, the work is done and it's time to move onto the next job. For us, this is where the exciting part starts. We analyze the performance of our work as much as possible and see if we get the expected results. Whether positive or negative, we'll always get new information on how to improve.

Work Samples

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Ad campaign

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Web Design & Campaign Development

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Benchmade Knife Co.

Product Launch Campaign