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The Untapped Difference

While passion and empathy fuel our creative spirit, our studio structure is what sets us apart. We keep our team small and consistent for every project, making sure we're always committed and uniquely engaged with our client's business. This not only increases our productivity, but our satisfaction with the work we do. It all gets a lot easier and impactful when its a 'we' thing, and not a 'for them' thing.

We are:


Compassion for the consumer drives thoughtful decision making. There isn’t some over-arching template for what we do. Every business, brand and product is different and we live to express that uniqueness in a profitable way.


Where we lack in experience, we make up for with discipline and a willingness to always go the extra mile for our clients.


We don't just produce work for clients, we partner with them. We're here to help in any way we can, while being respectful of peoples time and budgets.

Our Focuses:


Strategy & Positioning

Logo & Visual Identity


Packaging & Print Collateral

Digital Design & Web Development

Advertising & Campaigns

Danny-Wethern Founder Creative Director Headshot

Hi! I'm Danny Wethern

Founder & Creative Director

I'm a Portland native, creative director and designer with a BFA in Graphic and Web Design from the Art Institute of Portland. With over 5 years of experience, I've had successful relationships and projects with over 60 clients, both locally and remotely, big and small. When I'm not designing something (which is rare), I usually find myself either playing basketball or exploring the area; you never what a good hike can bring to light. Not to get sappy, but for me, it's hard to imagine doing anything else with my energy than my work. In a world with so many distractions and attempts at grabbing a persons attention, great design is more important than ever. The opportunity to clear the visual clutter and make things more accessible for everyone are daily motivators to always give my best.

The Team

Deputy-Director Headshot
Madelyn McGill
Deputy Director
Graphic Designer Headshot
Stephanie Quesnel
Graphic Designer
Copywriter Designer Headshot
Evan Folden
Designer & Copywriter
Photographer Headshot
Makena Hammond
Videographer Designer Headshot
Adam Charny
Graphic Designer Headshot
Abigail Gable
Graphic Designer
Illustrator 3D Headshot
Derek Rutkai
Illustrator & 3D Designer
Web Developer Headshot
Patrick Mukena
Web Developer

Kind Words

from a few of our clients